Gears Driver Training

Providing driving lessons in West Sussex


Hello and welcome to Gears Driver Training, I offer driving tuition in manual and automatic cars in Crawley, West Sussex.

I take learning to drive very seriously, it`s not just about how to pass your driving test as quickly as possible. My aim is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to be safe on the road. I go over and above the minimum requirements set out by the Driving Standards Agency. I want all my clients to be independent safe drivers. Again, it`s not a case of how quickly can I 'pass' my driving test, but to provide you with a fantastic 'skill for life'. I am proud of my high level knowledge of driving skills. It is a privilege and honour to be able to pass them on to you.

With such a high level of teaching you will be given the best opportunity of passing your driving test on your first attempt. I am passionate about my job, I absolutely love being a driving instructor. I aim to help clients feel comfortable and relaxed within the car, making driving lessons as stress-free as possible and more of an enjoyable experience. Once you have completed your lessons with me, you are sure to feel safe and competent in your driving ability.


Lessons are individually structured to each student's needs, we are all different so progress at different rates, some may need more lessons than others remember it's not a race.... it's about being safe for many years of happy driving. During the lesson everything is calmly explained, drawing on any previous road experiences.

In the lesson we have found using an iPad application has proved to be very valuable in understanding road awareness. How to plan ahead in some challenging situations and how to safely negotiate these so when we `meet` them for real may not be so scary. We discuss at the beginning and end of each lesson what we hope to achieve and have achieved therefore maximising your learning, also filling in and recording progress booklet together. Remember we all different so all progress at different rates.

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